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Send Jon Fulfillment Services is an embodiment of all order fulfillment processes.

We are a customer oriented company that is dedicated to providing unmatched order fulfillment experience possible; from drop shipping to last mile delivery.

Due to the urge to always serve you better, we deployed the use of advanced technological operating system, increasing our warehouses, fleet and improving our customer relations. In doing this, we have endeared our brand as a company built on accountability, reliability, timeliness and friendly – in the hearts of our clients.
We understand the delicacy of your products, hence, our team of professionals at all levels work round the clock to ensure your clients have all their orders delivered seamlessly – thereby, enabling you dominant new market, grow your business, all the while reducing your overhead.


Dependable &
Customer Oriented


Send Jon Fulfillment services has her footprint on all the 36 states in Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory – Abuja.

We have a very solid last mile delivery service and order fulfillment solutions with dedicated company owned and leased warehousing services nationwide. So, are you looking for courier services, last mile delivery or want to manage your supply chain or process e-commerce order, Send Jon Fulfillment services has got you covered.


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