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Asked Questions

How can I get started?
To start, sign up and learn how we can support your order fulfillment needs. If you have any questions give us a call at +2349032564740, +2349014199182, or email us at
What services do you provide?
We offer warehouse & Storage services, order fulfillment, E-commerce order fulfilment and last mile delivery services.
Can I track my shipment online?
What are the prohibited Items?
Edible food items, Ammunitions, cheques, live remains etc. (call customer service for more information)
Can you deliver all across Nigeria?

Yes, sure we can

Where are your offices to pickup or send items from?

Please see our contact us page

What are your contact details or customer service Hotlines? or +2349032564740, +2349014199182
Why is my shipment held / delayed?
Shipment can be held for inspection by government agencies (customs, NDLEA, NAFDAC etc).
Why is my customs duty high?
Customs duty /taxes are calculated by customs and can be revised if a genuine claim for wrong assessment is established.
I sent my package via your company but it is yet to be delivered, what can I do?

Please track online or call our office lines for assistance.

What are your rates, if I want to send products to Nigeria?
Please send a mail or call our office lines for assistance.
Can you deliver to P.O Box addresses?
Do you have offices outside Lagos?
Yes, all over the nation.
What if something goes wrong at your facility with my items?
As in life, things can sometimes inevitably go wrong. We believe it’s all about how you handle the situation and what you do to prevent it from happening in the future. We at Send Jon Fulfillment service always conduct quality control on all accepted goods/products to determine its validity and we have a well organized structure that prevent mishaps. Furthermore, all our warehouses are in full compliance with fire safety rules.


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